Hello to Korea! There is a no more sophisticated, energized modern culture. The world is brought to us via Korean screens and devices, and that world is increasingly influenced by Korean culture. The influence is felt in many ways because Korea is a leader as an information society but along with this comes understanding and experiences with Korean cuisine. There are some foods that make you wonder where they have been all your life. Korean Beef is certainly one of them. It is now hard to imagine living without Korea’s contributions to the world and to the world of food. It’s clear there is much more to come.



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The traditional Bee Bim Bap puts a wealth of colour and flavours at your fingertips. Korean beef, egg, kim-chi, carrots, and spinach all live on a bed of steamed rice. Each flavour complimenting and offsetting the other. Some Western foods can be over-saturated, the Korean palate appreciates distinctive and diverse flavours. Borders and distance can’t limit the worlds’s best meals anymore—so we’re pleased to show this Korean favourite to you.


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