South Asia is the oven for the planet earth. Hot certainly, but more importantly a source of so much delicious and complex foods and flavours it sometimes seems unfair. Fortunately the world’s largest democracy has always been happy to share it’s secrets. The curries and fire oven breads are astoundingly good. then there is the yogurt and chutneys. Yes it’s official. It's definitely unfair. The ballots have been counted and our South Asian roster of items will grow by popular demand.



Butter Chicken with Rice MORE  →

Butter Chicken is an ambassador for all India. It has negotiated a truce between vegetarian cuisine of South Asia, and North America’s growing taste for curries and spices. Indeed, compromise is probably the wrong word for something so dedicated to being delicious. The tender white chicken, rich curry, peppers and rice are so delicious it’s almost a crime. Don’t worry though, Butter Chicken has diplomatic immunity.


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