The tastes of Asia. Made here…ready for you.

All Asia Fresh Foods is your source for the tastes of Asia. If we’re in your store, we are close by, and we are busy. Our kitchens are making delicious dishes and incredible feasts, and they’re making them fresh right now. These are among the worlds most loved tastes. All so tasty they have been carried forward through generations. Now we give these recipes the advantages of choice ingredients and modern preparation. After all, you’re a modern person, and this is for you.   VISIT CHINA  →

Tetsu Chef Display
The tastes of Asia. Made here…ready for you.

Good news! To enjoy these time-honoured tastes, you don’t have to go far. Fortunately, neither do we, because right now, we’re just down the road. So it’s game night and a party tray of sushi for the fans is perfect and easy. Or some hot bowls of chicken or beef to melt the ice. Rest assured, China, Japan, India, Thailand and Korea are at your disposal and just around the corner.   


Across distances and through wires, ideas travel far and fast these day. Culture often comes in the form of food. As children we might have had some reservation about unfamiliar food, only to have it become our lifelong favourite. If we had to go to Italy to indulge a pizza craving, life would be bland.

Food is a connector, a network that builds bridges and opens doors. It makes sense. A good recipe is just like our evolving global culture. It has all of the right ingredients.